PJ Harvey shares stunning cover of English folk song An Acre of Land

Last December, PJ Harvey’s interpretation of the traditional English folk song An Acre of Land soundtracked a trailer for the Clio Barnard-directed film Dark River. 

Now, the UK artist has shared the cover online and it’s a collaboration with London-based composer Harry Escott, who’s scoring the film.

Dark River is Barnard’s third feature film starring Ruth Wilson and Mark Stanley. The drama tells the story of two estranged siblings, whose reunion is marred by an inheritance dispute, as the protagonist, Alice (Ruth Wilson), attempts to claim the family land. The film is out in cinemas on 23 February.

In 2017, PJ Harvey released the tracks A Dog Called Money and I’ll Be Waiting. Her last release was a collaboration with Ramy Essam, entitled The Camp.

Stream An Acre of Land below.