Mexican club Yu Yu to host Fort Romeau and Interstellar Funk

Last December, a new club named Yu Yu opened at Calle Versalles 94 in Mexico City.

Tucked away in the basement of a 19th century building, the 120-capacity space will serve as a dance venue for the city’s wealth of local underground acts, along with some international names. After hosting an impressive roster of artists – such as DJ Richard, Gaika and Auntie Flo – Yu Yu has now lined up another stellar programme of electronic acts.

South London’s Fort Romeau is set to play at the intimate space, along with Interstellar Funk, Chicagoan artist Olin, Mexican producer Demian Licht, Romanian DJ and NTS regular Aleksa Alaksa, French-born producer Nicola Cruz and Ukrainian artist Vacula.

Head to Yu Yu’s Facebook page for more information.