Arca shares new 11-minute track Fetiche

Former Crack Magazine cover star Arca has dropped a new track and video called Fetiche.

With a soft, melodic opening, the near 11-minute track takes a darker turn through looped vocals, recorded laughter and experimental shapes, comprised of “new material and edits”.

Co-directed by Carlos Sáez, the track’s accompanying video features a figure sporting a pair of nude heels – Prada, no less – crushing a bouquet of flowers. The caption reads: “Look inward, cut yourself loose from your self; tolerate no abuse”.

Recently, Arca made an appearance in Björk’s WeTransfer video Arisen My Senses and remixed Ryuichi Sakamoto’s track async.

Watch Fetiche in the player above, and revisit Crack’s cover story with Arca.