Princess Nokia is releasing an emo mixtape this week

Princess Nokia

Princess Nokia has announced that she’ll be releasing the new mixtape A Girl Cried Red on 13 April.

In February, the NYC rapper launched her Beats 1 Radio show The Voices in My Head. The first episode was called Your Eyes Are Bleeding, and in an interview with Dazed she explained the show was a prerequisite for her upcoming emo mixtape.

On the sound of her upcoming mixtape, she called it “real alternative music”. She said, “There’s no features, it’s just me. But I do have Elijah of Phony Ppl playing guitar on it, and I’ve got the wonderful producer Tony Seltzer who did all the production except for one song. We’re all New York City kids and metalheads”.

In the interview, she also explained the symbolism of blood in the mixtape’s title. “It’s taken from my favourite song, The Robot with Human Hair,” she explained. “I have a lot of references from this Gavin Dance album, and the first line in the song is ‘Your eyes are bleeding.’ I always loved that image, and it’s a big motif in my work. The mixtape name is supposed to mean a girl cried blood, or a girl cried fury. There’s so many interpretations of what red is. But I can’t give that out yet, baby.”

Check out Princess Nokia’s announcement below, and check out Crack Magazine’s GIF gallery of when she touched down in Bristol.