Donald Glover fans have staged a takeover of a pro-Trump subreddit

Fans of the Atlanta director and actor have infiltrated a Donald Trump subreddit, turning it into a page of Donald Glover memes and appreciation.

Supporters of the US President have the two similarly named pages r/thedonald and r/The_Donald. This week, the former has been taken over, with there even being a thread petitioning for Glover fans to give the page a re-do.

Supporters of Glover have been vying for him to be the one, true Donald of the group, with main page threads bearing the titles ‘True insights from the One True Donald’, ‘When r/thedonald is becoming what it was always meant to be’ and ‘The Fake! News wants you to believe that there are two Donald’s! This is a witch hunt!’.

Recently, Glover released the incredible video for This is America. Head here to check out the subreddit.