Jimothy Lacoste’s Subway System video removed

When Jimothy Lacoste dropped the video for Subway System in March, it became a viral internet sensation, featuring the young YouTube star riding a bike along the platform of the London Underground and standing on the roof of a train. The lyrics of the catchy hit celebrate the underground system and TfL’s efficiency, whilst complaining about ticket prices.

According to a press release, the video was removed on Tuesday morning (8 May), due to its violation of TfL’s safety regulations. Also, it states, you have to obtain a permit to film the underground – which Lacoste didn’t.

The YouTube rapper shared a letter from a lawyer representing TfL this week, which reads: “I have viewed the video for Subway System, currently on YouTube, most of which was shot in and on TfL’s railway. We didn’t authorise this. It shows various dangerous and/or antisocial activities which contravene TfL Byelaws”.

“We take the safety of users of the TfL network extremely seriously. Some of the behaviour in the YouTube footage was dangerous and stupid in itself”.

Lacoste has since replaced the video with one containing a quote from the letter. Watch it via the player above, and read the full letter from TfL below.