Olof Dreijer remixes Fever Ray’s Wanna Sip

Fever Ray’s Wanna Sip has been reworked by former bandmate Olof Dreijer.

DJ, producer and former member of The Knife Olof Dreijier has remixed Wanna Sip by ex-bandmate (and sister) Fever Ray. The original track was featured on Plunge, the second Fever Ray album which was released last winter.

For the rework, Olof Dreijer has given the track a flute augmented and densely percussive rework that slows down the original’s tempo. You can listen to the track via the player above.

Olof Dreijier will join Omar Souleyman, Orpheu the Wizard and more for Crack Magazine’s open air party at Berlin’s ELSE on 11 August. Tickets can be purchased here