Watch a transfixing and self-directed video for Eartheater’s Peripheral

This June, experimental producer and songwriter Alexandra Drewchin released her third studio album, IRISIRI.

The release marked her move to Bill Kouligas’ Pan, a label whose forward-facing ethos clearly chimes with Drewchin’s sonic tapestries. On IRISIRI, Drewchin combines the classical with the experimental to explore the link between technology and sexuality in the digital age.

It goes without saying that we’re excited to host the new video for Peripheral, the latest single to be taken from IRISIRI. Directed by Drewchin herself and starring Marilu Donovan on harp, the video’s sensual visuals – all translucent surfaces, pearlescent tones and transfixing textures – are deeply satisfying. However, in line with the artist’s approach to textural layering, these visuals are also rich in hidden meanings. “There are many layers of symbology in the video. I’m going to hold back from spoon feeding too much because I’d like it to remain free-associative for the most part,” she told us via email. “Though, I’ll spill that the massage chair is a person that has been so consistently and quietly supportive that she is seen as a piece of furniture. Now she’s finally having her moment of relaxation and tension release.”

Watch Peripheral via the player above.

Directed by Eartheater
Shot by Vuk Lungulov-Klotz
Edited by Eartheater and Mikaela Lungulov-Klotz
Extra Camera Helper Jordan Tetewsky, son of Avram
Produced by Mikaela Lungulov-Klotz