DGTL Festival is coming to Madrid

A brand new Madrid edition launches this December.

Hot on the heels of completing their fourth annual edition in Barcelona last weekend, DGTL have announced plans to launch a second festival in Spain, this time in Madrid. The inaugural one-day event is set to take place in theĀ Feria de Madrid convention centre on 5 December, although a line-up has yet to be announced.

It’s the latest development for the ever-growing festival, which started life in Amsterdam but which now has editions in Sao Paulo, Santiago, Barcelona and Tel Aviv.

“Spain was the first country outside the Netherlands that we arrived to with DGTL and we believe each new edition surpasses the previous one,” said Dave van Dalen, the Marketing Director of DGTL.”We all love this place and its people, so we figured “why not take the party indoors during winter?” We are also aware that a lot of people from Madrid take the trip to enjoy the Barcelona edition and we wanted to bring the party closer to them. Logically, DGTL Madrid 2018 takes care of both wishes. And we couldn’t be happier about it!

The next DGTL event to take place in in Tel Aviv in September.