Listen to a new ambient track Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith created using field recordings from a mountain hike in Los Angeles

This is Surroundings. 

For our new series with Shure we follow three artists as they create new music from the sounds of their cities. Featuring Flava D in London, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith in Los Angeles and Honey Dijon in Berlin.

Last month, we launched the series with Flava D in London, using sounds from Lewisham market, vocals from a busker and sounds of the DLR in a high-impact club-ready banger.

This month, we travel to Los Angeles to meet experimental synth composer Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith. We followed Kaitlyn on a trail through Millard Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains. Capturing the sounds of footsteps, birdsongs, rustling branches and much more, Kaitlyn then returned to her home studio and ran the recordings through synthesisers creating new shapes and tones. The end result is a blissful ambient track built entirely from sounds recorded on the hike with nothing else added.

Kaitlyn recorded her surroundings using the MV88 microphone and the Shure Plus MOTIV app.

Listen to the full track below and watch how she did it in the video above.