New London club UNDR to open in Hackney next month

UNDR London

The UK capital will be getting a new dance venue on 7 September.

Located on 36 Stoke Newington Road, UNDR will replace what was formerly known as The Nest and it’ll be one of the few venues in the area with a 4am license. Boasting revamped lighting and Martin Audio sound, UNDR will showcase a programme covering live shows and club nights.

“I believe that The Nest was always the best intimate clubbing experience in the capital. We’ve now improved the core elements of that experience, namely the Martin Audio sound and lighting,” says new owner Matt Wells.

“These changes were made to further enhance the customer experience and ensure that UNDR can showcase the best up-and-coming raw talent in music alongside some legends. I own and operate my venues from an independent standpoint, and therefore allow my team to have a free-flowing creative edge. I believe this will be illustrated in our bookings and the culture within the venue.”

News of the opening comes amidst the city’s clampdown on nightlife. Last month, Hackney Council voted unanimously in favour of a licensing policy that’ll force new venues, clubs, bars and pubs to close by 11pm on weekdays and 12am on weekends.