Sade has contributed a new song for Steve McQueen’s upcoming film Widows

Sade has written and recorded a new song, entitled The Big Unknown.

The track will feature in Steve McQueen’s new film Widows, a feature-length adaptation of the UK television series of the same name. It stars Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Robert Duvall, Colin Farrell and more.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the British band’s newest song will play over the film’s end credits. “It was an honour to work with such a legend,” McQueen told the Times. “Sade is an incomparable talent and incredible artist who so rarely releases new material, but luckily the original series of Widows had deeply resonated with her.”

The news follows the release of Flower of the Universe which Sade contributed to the soundtrack of Dinsey’s A Wrinkle In Time.

No word yet on any album plans from Sade, read our long read on Sade’s legacy here.

Watch a trailer for Widows below.