Bristol grime artist Solo 45 faces trial for 22 rapes

Solo 45

Andy Anokye, who performs under the moniker Solo 45 and is a member of collective Boy Better Know, stands trial for allegedly imprisoning and raping four women.

The court heard that one woman contacted the police, who arrested Anokye, searched his mobile and laptop, and contacted three other women. 31 charges, against Anokye, include 22 counts of rape and five of false imprisonment. The artist has denied all charges and a trial is set to continue at Bristol Crown Court over the course of five weeks.

Prosecutor Christopher Quinlan QC claims the artist waterboarded one woman and tapped her phone. Amongst other claims, the 31-year-old artist allegedly threatened a woman in a secluded wood, saying there were people in the area who could shoot her. Quinlan told the jury, “He imprisoned, physically assaulted and sexually violated and raped four women. He filmed, for posterity, a great deal of what he did.”

Bristol Post reports that the jury was shown images of one complainant covered in bruises. Quinlan has also said that a second complainant was imprisoned against her will in a hotel on the south coast. Anokye allegedly said to her, “Some of the best sex we’ve had is when I’m raping you.”

A third complainant told the police that Anokye kept her against her will in a Bristol flat, where he assaulted and raped her multiple times.

News of the charges first emerged in October 2017. At the time, JME – co-founder of Boy Better Know – posted to Twitter, “I have no idea what the intricacies are, who the victims are etc… But this is mad.”