Piano Day London unveils plans for 2019 edition

Nils Frahm Crack Magazine
© James Perolls

The worldwide event founded by Nils Frahm will take place on 29 March at Hackney’s EartH.

Plans for the London edition of Piano Day have been revealed. On the evening of 29 March, producer Luke Abbott and Portico Quartet saxophonist Jack Wyllie will collaborate on a special performance. Also joining the evening’s proceedings are London-born musician Reeps One, who will incorporate beatboxing with piano, and Andrea Belfi, who will perform tracks by Moondog with his trio Hobocombo.

Piano Day will also see the release of Music from the Edge of an Island, an LP which sees Luke Abbot direct his compositional talents to the piano. The album is sold alongside a How to Take Care of Your Piano Guide, which will also be available to purchase on the night.

Founded by former Crack Magazine cover star Nils Frahm in 2015, Piano Day is an annual, global celebration of the instrument. The chosen date is significant, marking the 88th day of the year, which corresponds with the number of the keys on a piano. Each edition hosts myriad performances in different cities from artists that continue to find new ways to approach this ages-old instrument.

Tickets are currently valued at £15. For further information and to purchase London Piano Day 2019 tickets, head to the FLOAT website. Check out the album’s artwork and tracklist below.

Luke Abbott - Music From The Edge Of An Island (black vinyl)

1. Sea
2. Island
3. Tree
4. The Archway
5. Waiting
6. Seed Change
7. Moments
8. Adjustment
9. On Rope
10. A Different Tree