Thom Yorke calls for Theresa May to “stop the bus” on Brexit negotiations

Thom Yorke

In a series of tweets the musician compared the UK Prime Minister’s rule to the “early days of the third reich.”

This morning (8 February) the Radiohead frontman tweeted Theresa May with a series of criticisms levied at her leadership style and handling of Brexit negotiations.

In reference to May’s chaotic Brexit dealings, leaving British citizens unsure about their future as May continuously struggles to lock down a deal which could pass in UK Parliament, Yorke said: “Nobody voted for you to bring into question the lives of millions of Europeans in this country as a bargaining tool, in so doing causing immense distress and suffering, an action worthy of the early days of the third reich [sic].” His comments specifically broach the issue of EU nationals living in the UK whose right of residence could, potentially, be jeopardised by a “no-deal” Brexit.

In contrast to Eurosceptic claims that failing to deliver on Brexit promises is undemocratic, Yorke wrote: “Nobody voted for you to drive this red bus over a cliff with the passengers screaming in the back. None of this has been an expression of the democracy you have been claiming to uphold!”

This is not the first time that Yorke has openly criticised the UK Prime Minister. At Radiohead’s 2017 Glastonbury set, coinciding with OK Computer’s 20th anniversary, Yorke mockingly made reference to May’s “strong and stable” political mantra, spoke of “useless politicians” and quipped “See ya Theresa. Just shut the door on your way out”.

Read the full series of tweets below.