Axel Boman and Mathew Jonson announced for Sacred Ground Festival 2019

axel boman

Sacred Ground Festival has unveiled the line-up for its upcoming edition.

For the festival’s fifth edition, curators Ry X and Frank Wiedemann will continue the tradition of hosting a line-up of friends and respected artists. For Sacred Ground’s upcoming chapter, they’re set to bring Axel Boman, DJ Tennis, HVOB, Perel, The Teskey Brothers, Tora and W.H. Lung to the event. Furthermore, Wiedemann will also be making an appearance with Mathew Jonson.

The festival will be held in the rural German town of Brüssow, in Brandenburg’s Uckermark district, on 12-14 July. To create an intimate, community-led atmosphere, the team behind the event will prioritise the experience of its guests over backstage and VIP areas. Thus, the ethos is to focus their attentions to locals from the village and surrounding areas in addition to artists on the line-up.

Head to the Sacred Ground website for more information.