The KLF’s Bill Drummond will hold a referendum at the Irish border tomorrow


Bill Drummond, founder of The KLF, will be stopping by the Irish border on Good Friday (19 April).

The musician has announced that he’ll be conducting an ad hoc referendum between County Derry and Country Donegal. Passers by will be asked if they agree or disagree with the following clause being added to the Good Friday Agreement:

“If either the Government of Ireland or the Government of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were ever to instigate their own country leaving the European Union, both governments would guarantee that as long as the island of Ireland existed, the border crossing between County Derry and County Donegal on the Culmore Road, would remain freely open for all those that wished to cross it, in either direction.”

Furthermore, Drummond will be handing out 40 of his homemade hot cross buns, along with 40 mugs printed with “THE VERY GOOD FRIDAY AGREEMENT”. Former politicians John Hume and David Trimble have also been invited to the event.

Back in February, the website Penkiln Burn stated: “Once 40 folk have responded to this invitation and all 40 of the hot cross buns have been consumed, the count will begin. If more than 20 have voted in favour of the border between County Derry and County Donegal on the Culmore Road to remain open for all those that wish to cross it in either direction as long as the island of Ireland exists – then it will. The people will have spoken. The people will have made their choice.” [sic]

In a statement entitled The Border & Me, posted in February, Drummond called out assumptions made in the Good Friday Agreement about the EU membership of involved States, claiming he wants to “address this mistake.”

Head here for more information on the Irish Border project.