Masters from over 700 artists lost in Universal Studios fire


An update from the New York Times reports that the masters of over 700 artists were lost in a fire at Universal Studios in 2008.

Earlier this month the New York Times revealed that a fire at Universal Studios theme park in 2008 had destroyed a large collection of masters from the record label Universal Music Group. In an in-depth feature, reporter Jody Rosen laid out how at the time UMG had worked to cover up the extent of the damage and downplay the destruction caused to its catalogue. Now the newspaper has published an expanded list of the music suspected to have been lost in the fire.

Per their report, the masters of over 700 artists are believed to have been destroyed, including work by Tupac, Busta Rhymes, Blink 182 and Joni Mitchell. While a spokesperson for UMG said that the Times had ‘overstated’ the losses, country singer Sheryl Crow confirmed to the BBC that “all her masters” were destroyed in the fire.

For the full list of artists and works affected by the fire head to the New York Times.