Thom Yorke previews new track via mysterious ads

I See You
© Clementine Schneidermann

New material from the Radiohead frontman is on its way.

Thom Yorke has teased a new track via a hotline on adverts for “Anima Technologies”. Cropping up in London trains, across Milan and in Dallas Observer, the mysterious ads urge people to phone the number 916-619-6192. Once called, the line leads to a voice message saying, “Anima Technologies has been ordered by the authorities to cease and desist from undertaking its advertised business,” followed by a snippet of the unreleased track Not the News.

Furthermore, a website for Anima Technologies has been launched online. A statement on the page reads: “This website has been seized by the Authorities to prevent anymore on-line activities in relation to the aforesaid business.”

Not the News has previously been performed during shows. In Crack Magazine’s 100th issue, Yorke revealed that his upcoming solo LP will have a dystopian feel. He said, “For some reason I thought a really good way of expressing anxiety creatively was in a dystopian environment.” Read the cover story here.