Four Tet shares new live album from Alexandra Palace shows

Four Tet, Love Saves The Day 2018

Live at Alexandra Palace has just dropped.

Four Tet (AKA Kieran Hebden) has shared a new live album, recorded during his gigs at Alexandra Palace in May this year. The album Live at Alexandra Palace, London 8th and 9th May 2019 is out now via the DJ’s own Text Records and is currently available to stream and purchase via the producer’s Bandcamp. Hebden announced the album on Twitter yesterday (25 July).

The audio is taken from his audiovisual shows at the London venue in spring. The album consists of over 90 minutes of recordings, and takes the form of seven “parts” of various lengths.

Live At Alexandra Palace follows two live albums released by Four Tet last year. They included recordings from his 2018 Funkhaus Berlin and 2013 Hostess Club Weekender shows. Hebden also released a single earlier this week called Dreamer.

Stream and purchase the full LP here, and revisit Four Tet Live at Crack Magazine’s Love Saves the Day stage 2018.

Take a look at the album art and tracklist below.

four tet

01. Starting
02. Part 1
03. Part 2
04. Part 3
05. Part 4
06. Part 5
07. Ending