Listen to Jenny Hval’s lead single Ashes to Ashes from upcoming album The Practice of Love

Multi-disciplinary artist Jenny Hval has dropped a new track and announced details of an upcoming album.

Jenny Hval has announced a new album titled The Practice of Love and shared the lead single Ashes to Ashes. The album will be out on 13 September via Sacred Bones and features contributions from Vivian Wang, Laura Jean and Félicia Atkinson. The Norwegian multidisciplinary artist works with arpeggiated synth washes and mid-’90s trance-style beats on the album, and the lead single – shared today (10 July) in conjunction with the album announcement – shows this off.

The Practice of Love is in part inspired by Valie Export’s 1985 film of the same name and promises to delve deep, questioning what it means to be a member of the human race and how we accept this.

Hval explains that the range of collaborators and voices that help to layer the landscape of the album, could be “the voice of someone who was once an angry teenager, furious at the hierarchies,many years later. No longer angry, but still feeling apart from the mainstream. . . longing for community. I wanted to give the feeling of being apart from the world a mystical, but beautiful place…  A place that also contains enough depth to bury oneself in.”

You can pre-order The Practice of Love here and listen to the lead single Ashes to Ashes in the player above. Revisit our feature on Jenny Hval – Jenny Hval: the improvised hallucination.

Check out the cover art and tracklist below.

Jenny Hval The Practice of Love

01. Lions (feat. Vivian Wang)
02. High Alice
03. Accident (feat. Laura Jean)
04. The Practice of Love (feat. Laura Jean and Vivian Wang)
05. Ashes To Ashes
06. Thumbsucker (feat. Félicia Atkinson and Laura Jean)
07. Six Red Cannas (feat. Vivian Wang, Félicia Atkinson and Laura Jean)
08. Ordinary (feat. Vivian Wang and Félicia Atkinson)