Crack Magazine unveil I See You, a zine curated by Thom Yorke

I See You

Crack Magazine have collaborated with Thom Yorke to create I See You, a one-off, limited-edition zine. Thom Yorke has decided to donate any profits from the zine to Greenpeace; by purchasing the zine a donation will be made to the organisation.

Set for release on 13 September, I See You incorporates eight interviews from musicians, artists and activists, curated by Thom Yorke himself. The Issue 100 cover star is responsible for the questions asked during the interviews, with Yorke also answering the questions for the zine’s preface.

Featured names include the environmentalist and writer George Monbiot, Orkney-born performance poet Harry Josephine and director and screenwriter Luca Guadagnino. Further interviews are provided by electronic composer Laurie Spiegel, experimental musician Kali Malone and visual artist Christian Holstad, New York-based painter and printmaker Amy Cutler and Jun Takahashi, founder of fashion brand Undercover.

The zine’s artwork is by Stanley Donwood and Tchocky, with additional art courtesy of Holstad. It was designed and produced by Crack Magazine and printed by Generation Press – a leading organisation in sustainable printing.

Pre-order I See You via W.A.S.T.E and XL Recordings now.