Berghain boycott organised in response to €5 re-entry fee

Those involved plan to boycott the club until 31 October if changes aren’t made.

Berghain’s decision to introduce a €5 re-entry fee has been met with a backlash. In addition to the fee, the Berlin techno mecca has started to hand out wristbands instead of stamps. A boycott has since been organised by ravers who wish to reverse these new measures.

On the Berghain Klubnacht Boycott Facebook page, a statement reads: “This is delusions! A lot of regulars who make Berghain Berghain on Sun nights and Mon closings do not have this money to spend. Or they will keep on staying without leaving for a break and increase the rate of drug abuse problems inside club. Either one is not cute!”

“This poorly thought entry policy needs to be changed. We disagree with it and demand to reconsider this policy and bring down the price! It is your club, but it is also our club.”

Click here to visit the Facebook page.

(via Mixmag)