Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds announce new album Ghosteen

Nick Cave

Nick Cave has announced a new record via his website The Red Hand Files.

A new Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds album will be released next week, according to the Australian musician. Responding to a fan’s question about when to expect a new album on The Red Hands Files, Cave has written “you can expect a new album next week”, sharing details of the album, including the tracklist and artwork.

According to the post, Ghosteen is set to be a double album, comprised of a first half of eight tracks, and a second half of “two long songs, linked by a spoken word piece.” Cave further elaborates, “the songs on the first album are children, the songs on the second album their parents” continuing, “Ghosteen is a migrating spirit.” Take a look at the album’s artwork and tracklist below and read the full post on The Red Hand Files.

Part 1
1. The Spinning Song
2. Bright Horses
3. Waiting For You
4. Night Raid
5. Sun Forest
6. Galleon Ship
7. Ghosteen Speaks
8. Leviathan

Part 2
1. Ghosteen
2. Fireflies
3. Hollywood