Gucci Mane and Gucci finally join forces in new Harmony Korine-shot campaign

The Atlanta icon stars in the Gucci Cruise’s new campaign.

After more than a decade paying homage to the high-fashion brand in his name and songs, Gucci Mane has been tapped to star in a campaign for Gucci. Yesterday, Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele revealed the new campaign for Gucci Cruise, titled ComeAsYouAre_RSVP. Shot by director Harmony Korine, the campaign sees Guwop joined by the likes of Iggy Pop and Sienna Miller at an extravagant house party with hot tubs, Italian nobility, limousines and a small army of sausage dogs.

To coincide with the campaign release, Gucci Mane also announced the release of a new album Woptober II, which features one of Korine’s campaign shots on the cover.

Watch the campaign video in the player above.