Stormzy calls on Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to resign after Grenfell comments


Stormzy has called on Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg to resign, after he seemed to suggest that the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire lacked “common sense” for not fleeing the building, despite the advice of firefighters.

Sharing a clip of Rees-Mogg’s comments on Twitter, Stormzy said: “Oi @Jacob_Rees_Mogg you need to resign you’re an actual piece of shit I beg everyone watch this – MP Jacob Rees Mogg in a nutshell saying Grenfell Victims should of had the common sense to escape. I can’t believe the cheek fucking hell these politicians are actual aliens”.

Stormzy, who is an outspoken supporter of finding justice for the victims of Grenfell tower followed up with another tweet: “My man said “if either of us were in fire, whatever the fire brigade said, we’d leave a burning building” as if to say “come on bro, they were just dumb” as if those who lost their lives weren’t smart enough to escape. Fucking hell this man is the scummiest”.

The MP has been condemned after he spoke on political radio broadcaster LBC on Sunday, saying: “The more one’s read over the weekend about the report and about the chances of people surviving, if you just ignore what you’re told and leave you are so much safer. And I think if either of us were in a fire, whatever the fire brigade said, we would leave the burning building. It just seems the common sense thing to do.”

In a statement on Twitter, Grenfell United wrote: “The Leader of the House of Commons suggesting that the 72 people who lost their lives at Grenfell lacked common sense is beyond disrespectful. It is extremely painful and insulting to bereaved families.”

At last year’s Brit Awards Stormzy memorably criticised the government’s response to the fire, rapping: “Yo, Theresa May, where’s that money for Grenfell? What, you thought we just forgot about Grenfell? You’re criminals and you got the cheek to call us savages. You should do some jail time, you should pay some damages.”