Amazon announce AI-equipped keyboard AWS DeepComposer


The new keyboard uses generative AI to write songs based on a user-inputted melody.

Amazon has announced a new artificial intelligence-equipped keyboard, AWS DeepComposer. A 32-key, two-octave keyboard, the DeepComposer is aimed at developers wanting to learn about generative AI and is able to generate ‘songs’ by adding layers of instrumentation to melodies inputted by the user.

Developers can create their own machine learning models to use with the keyboard or use those provided by Amazon to generate ‘songs’ in the style of rock, jazz, classical or pop. The BBC asked Professor Nick Collins, an expert in musical AI from Durham University, about the keyboard, who said: “It’s terrible. A musician with a basic sequencing ability could easily mock up better examples.”

The AWS DeepComposer will be available in the US in early 2020.

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