Marcus Schmickler announced for opening concert of Monheim Triennale

Monheim Triennale

The composer will present a specially commissioned work to mark the opening of the festival.

German composer Marcus Schmickler will open the Monheim Triennale with a specially commissioned performance on 1 July 2020. Set to take place on both sides of the river Rhine, the concert will explore the relationship between near and far in music, lyrics and performance.

“I am looking to investigate the protagonists’ relationship with money, power, love, humanity and ecology, in a similar way as was done in classical works such as Faust or The Ring of the Nibelung,” Schmickler said in a press release announcing the concert. “On the eve of the first edition of the Monheim Triennale, topical aspects of the entire festival will be incorporated in my Entwurf einer Rheinlandschaft and the composition represents these as questions aimed at the festival and the city’s citizens.”

A host of internationally renown musicians from across the spectrum of genre will also be taking part in specially-created performances throughout Monheim Triennale, including the likes of Shabaka Hutchings, Pan Daijing, Sam Amidon, Ava Mendoza and Jennifer Walshe. All of the artists performing at the festival will take part in multiple collaborative shows throughout the festival’s duration, with the line-ups selected by the artists themselves.

For more information head to the Monheim Triennale website.