Caribou reveals how Four Tet rescued his tracks during the making of Suddenly

Caribou Four Tet

Turns out, we have Kieran to thank for some of Caribou’s new music.

In December, Dan Snaith announced Suddenly – the first Caribou album in five years, due for release on 28 February. Now, in a new interview with London In Stereo, Snaith explains how Kieran Hebden became a vital part of his creative process. Hebden, he reveals, rescued his tracks from the bottom of his pile.

Elaborating on his method, Snaith explains how he creates a plethora of 30-second clips, which he ranks in order of preference and later returns to. However, it’s Hebden, he says, who encourages him to complete his ideas, telling him to “finish this fucking track!”. New Jade, which will appear on the forthcoming LP, is a track that Hebden selected from Snaith’s pile of discarded ideas. Speaking on Hebden, Snaith says, “It’s amazing that we found each other. He’s like a brother to me.”

The pair have collaborated in the past. In 2007, Four Tet remixed Caribou’s Melody Day, and the two artists curated a Warehouse Project line-up together in 2014.

So far, Snaith has released the singles Home, You and I and Never Come Back. He’s due to embark on a worldwide tour this year, beginning from Hamilton in North America (16 March) before continuing on to the UK and ending on a set at Kiev’s Art-Zavod Platforma on 16 August.

Read the full interview on London In Stereo.