Caribou details how Four Tet co-arranged the single Home

Caribou Four Tet

The two producers have worked together on Caribou’s forthcoming LP.

In a new interview with Mixmag, Dan Snaith detailed Kieran Hebden’s contribution to Home, the lead single from the new LP Suddenly.

“There was a version that I’d sent him with a hip-hop breakbeat over the whole track,” he said. “Then a few months later I sent him a version with my own drumming on it, a more subdued, kind of folky-soul take on it.”

“He was the one who had the insight to say it should go back and forth, so the instrumental parts have the breakbeat on it, but when you’re singing it should be much more subdued. And I was like, duh, that makes so much sense.”

During the interview, he also spoke about his friendship with Hebden. “He’s been a mentor endlessly,” he said, “whether it was when I was moving from one record label to another, deciding which gigs to do, whatever. That’s how I’ve learned everything – by asking Kieran, basically.”

Furthermore, Snaith revealed that his mother has a guest spot on the LP. An excerpt of her voice is included in the track Sisters. 

Suddenly is due out on 28 February. So far, Snaith has released the singles Home, Never Come Back and You and I.