slowthai confronts audience member at NME Awards following controversy with Katherine Ryan

slowthai NME Awards

slowthai was involved in an altercation at the NME Awards last night (12 February).

The rapper was announced as Hero of the Year at the ceremony. As he collected the award, slowthai approached show host Katherine Ryan and insisted that she smell his cologne.

He added, “Baby girl, I don’t want to have to do this right now. But she needs to understand the levels right now, you know what I’m saying? If you want to do something, see me later.” slowthai said that Ryan wanted him to “tend to her flowers”.

Ryan responded with, “You are like the hottest guy I’ve ever seen,” and added, “You are younger than my babysitter”.

Footage online also shows Ryan telling the rapper during the ceremony, “Do you need any gardening work? I would love you to trim my bush.”

Whilst slowthai was on stage for his speech, an audience member called him a “misogynist”. An altercation followed, whereby the artist threw his microphone off the stage and accused the fan of “ruining my speech”. After the crowd threw the microphone back at the artist, slowthai hurled his drink into the audience and jumped down from the stage.

Ryan has since followed up on the situation online, stating that slowthai “didn’t make me uncomfortable”. She said, “This is why we need women in positions of power. I knew he had lost from the moment he opened his mouth.” Read her tweets below.

Last night, slowthai performed Deal Wiv It with Mura Masa at the awards show. Crack Magazine has reached out to a representative of slowthai for comment.

Update: (13 February) slowthai has released a statement online. It reads: “NME, please forward my award to @kathbum for she is the hero of the year.”

“What started as a joke between us escalated to a point of shameful actions on my part. I want to unreservedly apologise, there is no excuse and I am sorry. I am not a hero.”

He went on to praise Ryan: “Katherine, you are a master at your craft and next time I’ll take my seat and leave the comedy to you. To any woman or man who saw a reflection of situations they’ve been in in those videos, I am sorry. i promise to do better.” [sic]

Ryan has responded to slowthai’s apology, stating, “I knew you were joking and congratulations on your very award-worthy album! I hope you know that a bad day on social media passes so quickly. Everything will be better tomorrow.”

A spokesperson for NME said, “The safety of all attendees and presenters is and always will be our number one priority. We want everyone at our events to have a good time and feel comfortable.”

“We would like to extend our thanks to our incredible hosts Katherine Ryan and Julie Adenuga for making it a brilliant night. We have accepted slowthai’s proposal to forward his fan-voted Hero of the Year award to Katherine. Katherine – keep an eye on the post!”