Moog and Korg give away synthesiser apps to help social distancing

The two synthesiser companies have made apps available to download for free during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Moog and Korg have both made app versions of their synthesisers available to download for free in a bid to help people occupy themselves during periods of self-isolation or social distancing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Moog’s Minimoog Model D iOS app is now free of charge for iPhone and iPad users, while Korg has done the same for the Kaossilator on both iOS and Android.

“Schools, workplaces, and meetings worldwide have been requested to close by their respective governments and so many people are studying and working from home,” a statement on Korg’s website reads. “To help you with a musical way to occupy your mind we have decided to make the Kaossilator app for iOS and Android free of charge for a limited time (iOS version: through March 31, 2020. Android version: From March 13 to March 20, 2020).”

Download the Minimoog app here and the Kaossilator app here.