Online petition calls for government to offer financial support to events industry

A response will be issued if the petition reaches its goal of 10,000 signatures.

Amidst the festival cancellations and postponements, a petition has been launched calling for the government to take action and provide economic assistance to the events industry.

According to the petition, the industry is “worth more than £14 billion to the economy, with 25,000 businesses supporting over 500,000 employees” and states that those working within the events sector “are nervous about whether their next event will go ahead or not, and how their income may be affected”.

Currently (13 March), the petition has received over 21,000 signatures. Head here to sign it.

This week, Coachella announced that its 2020 edition will be postponed until October. Berghain has suspended all self-produced events until April, and Berlin’s Trauma Bar und Kino has postponed its March events. Bristol’s Machina Bristronica and Brussels festival Listen! have both postponed their events.