New graphic novel to chronicle the mythology of Detroit pioneers Drexciya


Tresor are releasing a graphic novel version of Drexciya’s mythology.

A new Drexciya-inspired graphic novel will be released later this month. The Book of Drexciya, Vol. 1 will be released by Tresor on 22 May and focus on the nautical-Afrofuturist mythology behind the music.

Written by Abdul Qadim Haqq and Dai Sato, the book is being released with the blessing of Drexciya’s Gerald Donald and the mother of the late James Stinson. Haqq is known for his visual art in and around the Detroit techno scene, having provided cover art for the likes of Juan Atkins, Derrick May, Underground Resistance and many more. Dai Sato is best known for his work as screenwriter on cult anime series such as Ghost in the Shell and Cowboy Bebop. The book features art from Haqq, Leo Rodrigues, Alan Oldham, Hector Rubilar, Leonardo Gondim, Daniel Oliviera and Milton Estevam.

The Book of Drexciya, Vol. 1 consists of 5 chapters and 76 pages. According to a press release readers will “follow the story of the first Drexciyan, his subaquatic birth, will get introduced to Dr. Blowfin, Master of Alchemy and Quantum Genetics, hear the story of the birth of the wave jumpers and enter Bubble Metropolis.”

Pre-order the book now on Tresor’s website.