Powell shares two new albums as part of multimedia project ‘A ƒolder’

The platform features two new albums from the Diagonal boss alongside visual pieces by Michael Amstad and Marte Eknæs.

Powell has launched a new platform and multimedia project called A ƒolder. It currently features a short film, scored by the producer, from filmmaker Michael Amstad and visual artist Marte Eknæs, conceptual written pieces and two new albums by Powell himself, aƒ18_flash across the intervals_lp and aƒ19_multiply the sides_lp, all of which you can explore here.

A press release explains “a ƒolder was established to proliferate more flexible and ✰ spontaneous ✰ modes of expression in a range of indeterminate formats. every ƒolder [or release] can be seen as a vessel for other things: a place where music, film, image, text ± other actual/virtual ideas are free to diverge/converge → to collect, collide and multiply according to NON-sensical rules ✰.”

Watch the first film from a ƒolder in the player above and listen to Powell’s new albums below.