Promoters don’t expect large concerts to take place until 2021


Large concerts are almost certainly off the table until next summer, a new report suggests.

Executives at some of the biggest live concert promoters in the world have said that they “don’t expect” to be putting on shows this year. Speaking to the New York Times in a piece published on Sunday (24 May), Jay Marciano, the chairman of AEG Presents said: “It doesn’t seem likely we are going to open in the fall.” The Times spoke to a number of high-level figures in the arts and entertainment industries for the piece, the majority of whom indicated that they didn’t plan to resume shows until next year.

The comments come as some countries have started to ease Covid-19-related restrictions on gatherings, with a handful of socially distant concerts and club nights taking place across the world in recent weeks. However, despite the gradual easing of restrictions, president of Live Nation, Joe Berchtold said: “Given the lead time involved in planning major concert tours, and the uncertainties that exist today, we don’t expect a large volume of major tours in the fall.”