Floating Points remixes Caribou’s Sister and Never Come Back

Listen to two new Floating Points remixes now.

Floating Points has remixed Sister and Never Come Back by Caribou. The latest in a string of remixes from Caribou’s recent album Suddenly, the pair of remixes are available digitally now and on vinyl from 31 July.

Speaking about the remixes, Caribou – aka Dan Snaith – said: “At first Sam asked for the parts for Sister – the most intimate and personal track off my album Suddenly – and reworked it using the voices of my mother and my sister that I sampled from an old cassette for my childhood – but having turned that into a hypnotic, meditative beautiful thing, he came back and asked for the parts for Never Come Back and sent me a WhatsApp of him working on the track in his studio with the caption ‘Bass drum Making my lights dim!’ and turned in a certified banger of a remix. Was I surprised Sam did two great remixes instead of one? No – anyone who knows Sam will tell you he does everything at a standard that surpasses all expectations. I was definitely happy though!'”

Listen to Floating Points’ remix of Sister in the player above and his remix of Never Come Back below.