Kelsey Lu releases Hydroharmonia III, 432 in aid of FEMPOWER, Black Trans Femmes in the Arts and other causes

Kelsey Lu © Emmet Green

100% of proceeds from Kelsey Lu’s new release will be split between five charities and organisations.

Kelsey Lu has released the third part of her Hydroharmonia series, a new track titled 432. Available exclusively on Bandcamp, the 20-minute release is described by Lu as a “meditational sound bath tuned to the frequency of the universe (432 Hz).” All proceeds from 432 will be split between FEMPOWER, Poetry For The People, #freeblackmamas Fellowship, Black Trans Femmes in the Arts and Herbal Mutual Aid Network. Today (19 June) Bandcamp are donating their share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defence Fund.

Speaking about the new release, Lu said: “In processing the history and news we face on a day to day basis, I was resurrected by the poem Black Joy by Aja Monet which led me to create 432.

Womxn, particularly BIPOC, have historically proven to be the central Voices and Leaders in Abolition, Revolution, Hope and Love. Through the consistency of these waves, in the electricity of the awakening, we must continue to take care of and love on ourselves and each other. 432 is a tool for that purpose.

This is how you can use it: Gift yourself 20 minutes to make space for you, or with loved ones. Get as comfortable as you can, whether that be lying down, sitting in a comfortable position, lighting a candle or incense, anything that will allow your body to relax, press play and close your eyes.”

Head to Bandcamp to purchase 432 now.