Wretch 32 shares experience of police brutality against his father

Wretch 32 has shared footage of an incident with police in his father’s home.

Recorded in April this year, the video is taken from a Metropolitan police officer’s body camera and shows officers entering the North London home of Millard Scott before firing a Taser at him, causing the 62-year-old to fall down the stairs. Wretch 32 shared the footage on Twitter yesterday evening with the caption “This is how the police think they can treat a 62 year old black man in Tottenham but this 1 happens to be my dad”.

Both Scott and Wretch 32 appeared on ITV News last night to talk about the incident. Scott said that he “was lucky to be alive” and that he would not have been Tasered if he was white.

A woman in the background of the video also expresses her concerns about the police failing to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Speaking on ITV, Scott said “The only people who have invaded our space are the Metropolitan police. The only people who seem to ignore the guidelines put out there are the Metropolitan police. It seems at this moment in time we are being singled out and targeted.”

Wretch 32 told ITV that there has been “no progression” since he was a child and said that he has warned his children about police brutality towards Black people, just as his parents did when he was young.

The Metropolitan police have denied any wrongdoing or racism on their part however, Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has called for an investigation by the police watchdog.

Watch Wretch 32 and his father discussing the incident with ITV.