Avalon Emerson covers The Magnetic Fields’ Long-Forgotten Fairytale

The Berlin-based producer has released a track from her forthcoming DJ-Kicks.

Avalon Emerson has shared her cover of The Magnetic Fields’ Long-Forgotten Fairytale, which sees the producer place her vocals at the forefront for the first time. Accompanying the track is a karaoke video, featuring footage of her trip from LA to New York in July, this year.

“We stopped at national parks, roadside canyons, small towns and midwest cities. We joined up with friends in Denver after the Rockies to finish the trek as a caravan,” she said. “It was a beautiful trip.”

Emerson’s DJ-Kicks is out on 18 September. It’ll feature tracks by Regular Citizen, The Dirtbombs, Oni Ayhun and more, alongside new music from the producer herself.