David Attenborough recalls the time he worked with Björk

The broadcaster takes a trip down memory lane.

Remember the time David Attenborough collaborated with Björk? Because the historian certainly does. Back in 2013, the pair worked together on a Channel 4 documentary, where they discussed the intersection of music and nature.

Now, ahead of Attenborough’s Netflix film A Life on Our Planet, the naturalist has recalled the time they met. “I have to be quite straightforward and say I’m not into the music scene really,” Attenborough said to NME. “But when I worked with Björk I took her interest in me as a considerable intellectual compliment.”

“She’s a very original person and said some very nice things. I mean it’s strange music but it’s very original music!” he added. “She’s very up to the mark and very concerned with the relationship between human beings and the natural world.”

“I don’t know whether that’s a prominent characteristic of the Icelandic character, but I suspect, having been in Iceland, she has a relationship with the natural world which some of us urban dwellers of the South don’t have.”

A Life on Our Planet will be released on Netflix in the UK and globally on 4 October. Revisit Björk’s Crack Magazine cover story.