Music venues in the UK allowed to stay open past 10pm curfew

Simple Things, 2019 © Giulia Spadafora

Music venues are exempt from the UK’s new curfew restrictions.

On Tuesday (22 September), a new wave of pandemic restrictions was announced in the UK, including the introduction of a 10pm (GMT) curfew. Now, it’s been announced that music venues have permission to stay open past the curfew.

A government Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport spokesperson told NME that “dedicated music venues may conclude after the 10pm curfew as long as a performance starts before 10pm, however outlets, including bars, must be closed by this point.”

Music Venue Trust has also confirmed the news. A statement reads: “We are pleased to confirm that the majority of English Grassroots Music Venues are included in the performance spaces that are able to permit artists to conclude their performances post the 10pm curfew announced by HM Government on 22 September 2020.”

The organisation also encouraged gig-goers to adhere to government guidelines on safety. “Please respect all the measures introduced by your local Grassroots Music Venue to ensure that your gigging experience is taking place in a Covid Secure Venue.”

Cases of coronavirus in the UK are on the rise. Yesterday (23 September), the government announced 6,178 new cases – the highest figure of daily cases since 1 May.