Bandcamp launches ticketed live streaming service

Bandcamp Live

Bandcamp Live allows artists to set up ticketed shows.

The platform has launched its new service Bandcamp Live today (17 November). The service is fully integrated with Bandcamp, and includes an optional chat feature where merch can be added to increase sales. Notifications on new shows are sent directly to fans, and new audience members will automatically become followers.

Bandcamp’s fee is 10% and the platform is waiving this until 31 March 2021, meaning that 100% of sales will go directly to artists until then.

A statement reads: “Bandcamp Live is the next step in our effort to help our community thrive during this crazy time. Streaming will never replace the experience of in-person performances, but we believe it’s the next best thing, and will provide artists with a powerful tool to build and connect with their fans both now, and when Covid is behind us and we’re all out enjoying the magic of live music once again.”

Furthermore, Bandcamp has shared a schedule of upcoming ticketed live streams. It features artists such as Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith (21 December) and Hatchie (28 November).

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