Casey MQ explores longing, fantasy and Zoom calls in new video Candyboy

Club Quarantine co-founder Casey MQ has released a new music video for the track Candyboy, which premieres exclusively on Crack Magazine today.

The track is dressed in signature 90s pop tropes and embellished with his unique style of glossy, gaudy vocals. He describes it “as the heart of babycasey,” his debut album released in August 2020.

MQ said, “The album explores celebrity fandom, narcissistic desire, childhood dreams, and with Candyboy, I wanted to hold space for a love that you can feel warm and safe in – that reflected the sense of security a child needs while they face the world that they are discovering. To hold, and to be held – that’s how I see the song.”

Directed by Saradibiza and Marylou Mayniel (aka oklou), the video has a distinctly 2020 feel to it. Throughout, it gradually pans around a dark bedroom and focuses in on group Zoom calls. The video is themed around “a state of longing while existing in your secluded fantasy”.

Watch it via the player above, and read Casey MQ’s feature on Club Quarantine.