Megan Ryte accused of plagiarising DJ Lag’s track Ice Drop

DJ Lag Megan Ryte

After releasing her single Culture this week, Megan Ryte has been accused of ripping the beat off DJ Lag’s Ice Drop.

Megan Ryte’s new single features and A$AP Ferg. The black and white video, featuring Ryte mixing the song and the two rappers standing atop cars and buildings in various scenes, landed today (25 November). Users across Twitter have been quick to point out the similarities between Culture and Ice Drop. Watch the video below, and then check out DJ Lag’s track.

Ice Drop is the third track from DJ Lag’s eponymous EP, released in 2016.

Directed by Nabil, the video for Ryte’s single is themed around the concept of a “culture vulture”. It includes a definition from Urban Dictionary: “A person or an organisation making profit using honourable practices they do not care for.”

On the track, Ryte said, “This song is a statement record that recognises the importance of Black cultural contributions around the world. With and ASAP Ferg lending their voices to the track… I’m doing it for the culture… I’m so excited for this single to be the first release off of my album. Not only did and Ferg kill it but Nabil is such an amazing visionary and he brought the song to life!”

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