Nic Tasker launches new label Lith Dolina

Lith Dolina

The AD 93 label head has launched a new imprint.

Nic Tasker is launching the new label Lith Dolina with an 11-track compilation entitled Brabuhr Q-ih. Slated for release on 12 February, the compilation features tracks from Bot1500, The Jaffa Kid, Whylie and Love Horses. It’s selling as a limited edition run of 500 copies, and Tasker has said that it won’t be repressed. You can pre-order it now via the Lith Dolina Bandcamp page.

Check out the full tracklist and listen to track previews below.

1. Love Horses – K Den
2. Love Horses – Beep Of Bodming Mor
3. The Jaffa Kid – Strenna
4. The Jaffa Kid – Sbds
5. The Jaffa Kid – No Boundaries
6. Whylie – ABT22-01
7. Whylie – RDM17-05
8. Whylie – JGL24-04
9. Whylie – AMN15-05
10. Bot1500 – Seabird 1
11. Bot1500 – Seabird 2 06:02