Bbymutha releases new EP Muthaleficent 2

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Listen to the seven-track project now.

Bbymutha has shared a new EP titled Muthaleficent 2.  The seven-track release follows 2020’s Muthaleficent and features the likes of Fly Anakin and Zelooperz. Meanwhile, producers such as Winslow Donovan, Paris Aden and Rock Floyd are enlisted for production duties.

The Chattanooga rapper took to Instagram on Monday (March 1) to provide more insight into the new project. She told fans: “making music hasn’t felt the same since the pandemic, since all the ups and downs of being a new small business owner, since having to navigate sharing my space with the person i love, since not being able to tour, since realizing that a dream i used to have was an actual nightmare, feeling like most things seem pointless in this political climate, since acknowledging that most people you meet in life are here for their benefit, and trying to learn how to not internalize that and take everything so personal.”

Adding: “i hope you all enjoy muthaleficent 2 for what she is. she isn’t muthaleficent 1, she isn’t muthaland, she is me dragging myself out of bed on days when i wanted to die. she is me right now, trying to figure out exactly who i am, at 31, all over again. 🤮”


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Muthaleficent 2 is out now via Bandcamp. Pick it up here and revisit Bbymutha’s Aesthetic feature.