Miss LaFamilia teams up with Ivorian Doll, Poundz, Offica and Dbo for Dumb Flex remix

Birmingham rapper Miss LaFamilia has linked up with Crack Magazine cover star Ivorian Doll and rising acts to remix her single Dumb Flex.

The original track featured Abra Cadabra. The remix, released today (11 March) amplifies the energy of the single with the guests Ivorian Doll, south London’s Poundz, and Irish drill artists Offica and Dbo.

On the remix, Miss LaFamilia said, “Been loving the support we’ve had already for Dumb Flex and really excited to have all these great names on the remix, shout out to my girl Ivorian Doll and Offica, Poundz and Dbo in helping to complete the track!”

Inspired by strong musical influences from her Jamaican lineage, it wasn’t until Miss LaFamilia took part in the 2019 Zeze challenge that the rapper started putting her attention towards music. Aside from music, she runs the modelling agency LaFamilia Dolls.

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