Musicians and artists pay tribute to ballroom pioneer Vjuan Allure

The ballroom legend has reportedly passed away.

Washington DC-based DJ, producer and ballroom innovator Vjuan Allure has reportedly passed away. Tributes to the esteemed artist began to circulate across social media platforms early this morning (16 March), with peers, admirers and specialist ballroom culture platforms such as New York’s TENz Magazine paying their respects to Allure.

Allure is considered by many to be one of the innovators of ballroom music. It was Allure who remixed The Ha Dance for the ballroom in 2000. Unknown to him at the time, his remix (later dubbed as Allure Ha) as well as other early remixes would usher in a new sonic era for ballroom.

Read some of the tributes below. We will update this story when we have more information.