Burial and Blackdown drop surprise new EP Shock Power of Love

The new split EP arrived today via Blackdown’s Keysound Recordings imprint.

Burial and Blackdown – real name Martin Clark – have today (30 April) released a new split EP entitled Shock Power of Love. The four-track offering features two 9-minute-long contributions from Burial (Dark Gethsemane and Space Cadet) alongside two tunes from Blackdown – a remix of Heatmap’s Arklight, and another track entitled This Journey VIP. Shock Power of Love is out via Blackdown’s own imprint Keysound Recordings. The pair surprised dropped the release in the early hours.

Burial last appeared on the imprint back in 2015, sharing his Temple Sleeper single. Prior to that, the elusive producer remixed Blackdown’s Crackle Blues way back in 2006. The remix formed one of his first-ever releases. Late last year, Burial surprise dropped a euphoric new single entitled Chemz. It was the first of two tracks from a new EP originally scheduled for release this month. The second track on the project is called Dolphinz and will be released when the physical EP lands.

Shock Power of Love is out now. You can also purchase the digital album via Burial’s Bandcamp or pick up the 12″ physical edition via your preferred record store. Alternatively, you can stream the new EP below.